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January 26, 2022

COVID-19 forced countless employees whose jobs depend on computers to work from home. Their desktops and laptops became their lifelines for communicating with their coworkers, clients and the rest of the outside world. While many companies’ offices have now reopened, other companies ceased in-office operations and now have everyone work remotely. 

If you’re one of those latter folks, the IT guy who always came through for you is no longer right down the hall. Here are some uncomplicated ways you can keep your PC running quickly and efficiently. And leave your complicated issues to J&B Technologies! 

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Even if you’re a neat freak, dust lurks everywhere in your home and can muck up the keyboard. Use a can of compressed air to blast away it and other unwanted materials (crumbs of food!) that have lodged themselves in the keys. If you want the computer’s innards cleaned, don’t even consider taking the computer apart on your own. Leave that to the experts at J&B Technologies! 

Hot and bothered

Your laptop doesn’t appreciate lying on a fabric surface (a pillow or couch) while it’s being used. Its inability to “breath” can slow its speed and overheat the system to the point of damaging it. Use the laptop when it’s on hard, flat surfaces, such as a desk or table. Hot tip: If you’re in an overly warm and/or humid room, prop the bottom of the laptop up a few inches or use an electric fan to keep cool it off. 

Take out the trash

A computer with a full memory drags it down. Empty the recycle bin, remove apps you don’t use, and ditch all duplicate and temporary files until at least 500 MBs are available. Your computer can give you an idea of what’s hogging up the most storage space. 

Keep up with the programs

When your system sends you a notification that its software is ready to be updated, accept the invitation. Your computer could be lethargic because you dismissed all of the previous invites to update. Just a few advantages to updates include the removal of outdated features, increased processing speed, advanced features, and enhanced security of your computer and the apps it uses.

Take it outside

If your computer contains meaningful videos, documents and photos that take up a lot of space, transfer them to external drives, which are easy to buy. It’s a simple task. Insert the external drive’s USB cable into your computer, drag the files onto the drive’s screen icon and erase the files from the computer. 

Count on J&B’s technicians to service all aspects of your computer. Their two decades of experience have equipped them to resolve any problem that may crop up.

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