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The Best Browsers for Security and Privacy

September 29, 2022

Imagine finding out that your browsing activity is being monitored by someone else. Scary, right? A stranger who stands the benefit of breaching your privacy and acquiring your passwords and codes may steal from you, catfish other people, impersonate you, and tarnish your reputation. With that said, it is imperative to have a secure browser for every internet-surfing venture.

But what are these browsers all about? How sure are you that the one you use has the best security features? Well, read on to find out more.

So, without any further ado, let's get started.

  • Microsoft Edge

This browser has regular security updates at least once a week. Thirdly, Microsoft Edge has a rolled-out automatic profile switching feature. With this, you can easily keep your data protected by using a password for each account. But the security features go beyond just that. The extra security features are as follows:

  • The Microsoft SmartScreen
  • Sandboxing in Edge
  • Edge Chromium Extension Management
  • Tracking Prevention
  • Doesn't Support ActiveX Controls and BHO's

The data in these formats can be used to pose as Trojans. Hence, they are locked out completely.

  • Opera

The Opera browser has an inbuilt ad blocker that restricts the appearance of unnecessary ads that can be potentially harmful. In addition, it has a tracker blocker that keeps all your information safe from prying eyes. The tracker blocker references its scrutiny from the EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List, protecting you from being tracked by advertisers and other sites.

  • Google Chrome

Of all the browsers, Google Chrome is the most popular of the bunch. Undisputedly, its popularity is attributed to the number of interconnected apps that run the internet today. There is the popular Gmail for emails, Sheets, Docs, and Calendar, to mention a few, all of which integrate to make a web or precious resource for any internet user. But then again, how secure is browsing with Google Chrome? Let's find out:

  • Automated updates
  • Password protection
  • Real-time phishing protection
  • Encryption on data synching

With Google Chrome, you can choose to sync your data with any device you use the browser on. If you are using a device you frequently access, like a phone, it is best to sync; otherwise, do not. Chrome gives you this choice.

  • Apple Safari

Apple Safari is an exclusive Apple browser only available to iOS and Mac users. For security, this app has the following:

  • Pop-up blocks
  • Private session browsing
  • A switch on plug-ins
  • Seeks permission for all downloads
  • Default cookie control

Cookies are beneficial as they help you load familiar pages on your browser faster. But if the size they occupy is too big, they can make the system lag. With that said, other security features may be robbed of that space, thus not functioning at their best, and this is a security risk. You can control and delete cookies on Apple Safari when they occupy too much space.

  • Mozilla Firefox

Trailing Google Chrome in popularity, Mozilla is also a fantastic browser to use in 2020. First, it has in-built anti-malware, antivirus integration, and anti-phishing features that keep the majority of malicious hackers out. Most programs meant to cause harm is halted even before they affect you.

Like Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox also offers users private browsing sessions where data is kept safe and not saved after the session. When you log into any site, there is an instant website ID, which ensures that the site is legit and lacks any malicious program.

Mozilla Firefox also has a do not track feature and a customizable security setting and parental controls. This browser is great for parents with minors at home as this keeps children from accessing harmful sites and being used as bait to infiltrate devices.

Take Away

If you want your information to remain in the light, it is best to prevent an attack before it even presents itself. These are just primary PC tips and tricks to use every day. Know of the maxim prevention better than cure? Well, even in the digital space, it applies. So, the next time you use Tor or Mozilla Firefox, you know how they protect your information, like passwords and sensitive data. 

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