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Top 5 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

October 27, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has given birth to a new normal in business. Back then, meetings were conducted in actual conference rooms, where everyone could speak in person. Now, we use various software programs to communicate and meet with colleagues. 

Also, we are now seeing a dispersed yet productive workforce. Employees are permanently working from home, transitioning from physical offices to virtual workspaces.

As you may see, remote working is now being accepted in this "new normal" era. And since it's new to many, some people have thought of taking advantage of this setup's weakness: cybersecurity.

So, if you are new to remote working, these cybersecurity tips should help you transition to the new normal in the most seamless way possible.

Tip 1: Connect to a secure network.

Cybersecurity starts with you. When working remotely, connecting to a secure network is important. Do not connect to a public WiFi network because hackers may be able to gain access to your personal and sensitive information through it. If possible, use a portable WiFi device that you have set with a hard-to-guess password.

Tip 2: Use a password manager.

Some companies give their team members access to a password manager to ensure sensitive data remains secure. These password managers are useful in the event of data breaches since they keep passwords and information safe.

Tip 3: Install software updates.

Software updates are rolled out to fix any previously reported errors and bugs. Install it immediately if you receive a notification that an update is available.

Tip 4: Use two-factor authentication.

In the past, using a strong password was the only way to secure an account. But recently, new technologies and protocols have been introduced to add another layer of security and prevent breaches. 

One is the use of two-factor authentication, which requires individuals to input a password and provide another piece of information to gain access to an account.

Tip 5: Install an antivirus software program.

A password can indeed keep cybercriminals at bay. But it's not the only way to protect your account and information. 

Organizations often use antivirus programs to prevent cyberattacks that put information at risk. These programs alert users when they encounter a threat or a file that contains malware and viruses.

Stay Safe While Working Remotely with These Tips!

Remote working is not without risks. Follow these tips to keep your personal information and your organization's data safe!

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