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March 29, 2023

We’ve all got a lot of sensitive data stored in our online accounts. Even if most websites are safe, there’s still the danger that someone might try to access our accounts. With the modern tech we have now, it will only take hackers a few seconds to a couple of minutes to guess simple passwords. 

According to studies, more than 60% of people worldwide use the same password for their personal accounts and work accounts. While this may come in handy if you’re a forgetful person, it also puts you at a lot of risks. If one account gets breached, there is no stopping the hacker from accessing all the other accounts. 

Here’s how you can create a strong password.

Passphrase Method

This type of password is long, unique, and should be memorable to you. It can be a combination of words and numbers. Pick out your favorite things and out them together. Take, for example, “Stars 78 Wine Cotton Candy”. You can turn it into something like “stars78@wine_CottonCandy”. It may be longer than usual, but it would be easy to remember. 

Mnemonic Sentence

Think of a sentence. Say, Phoebe’s line in F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 5 Ep 14, “They don't know that we know they know we know.” Take the initials of each word and create a string of letters. So then, it becomes, “tdKtwktKwK@514”. Easy peasy! 

Do’s and Don’ts

Remember these when creating a password:


  • Make it long. No short passwords! Stick to a minimum of 12 characters. 
  • Combine upper case and lower case letters.
  • There should be letters AND numerals.
  • Include at least one special character.


  • Don’t use a set of characters on a keyboard, like “qwerty” or “zxcvb”.
  • Refrain from using your birthday or address.
  • Avoid using common phrases.
  • Don’t reuse your passwords.

Remember, the password is the first line of defense against risk and unauthorized access. This is why it is crucial to create a strong password to keep your information safe online. Don’t put off changing your weak password to strong ones!

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