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JBTech offers a wide range of custom built computers to meet your specific needs and budget. Here are 4 great reasons to get your computer from JBTech:

Configured to YOUR needs

First, we make the computer for you, not the other way around. The computer isn’t sitting on a shelf waiting for you to pick it up -- we talk to you about what you want the computer to accomplish, what do you need most from your computer, and then building a computer to meet your specific needs.

Top Quality Computer Parts

We use tier one, top quality parts in all of our computers. Asus, Gigabyte and MSI motherboards, Crucial or Micron RAM, Samsung or Western Digital hard drives, and Intel i3, i5 or i7 or AMD CPU’s (not Celeron CPU’s.) And because we use only the best parts, your computer lasts longer than an off the shelf models. You get more for your money at JBTech -- higher quality, longer life, and a better, richer PC experience.

Easy To Upgrade

All of our computers are easy to upgrade. Why get stuck with a computer that can’t grow as your needs grow? Need more RAM? No problem, all our computers can go up to 64G of RAM. Need another hard drive? No problem, all our computers have three desktop and three laptop drive trays ready to go so you can add as many hard drives as you need when you need to. Need more USB ports? No problem, all of our computers come with 6, 8 or 10 USB ports ready to go and we have powered USB hubs in stock just in case you need more. Don’t settle for a PC with no upgrade path! Get a long lasting computer you can upgrade and add to as time goes by to meet your changing needs.

Great Service - The Computer Store Near Me

Great service. With JBTech you get a full year service on all our PC’s... and because we choose higher quality parts, many of them (hard drive, memory, cpu) have longer warranties than a year. And we help you with that warranty if you need it. Why? Because lightning happens, spills happen, things get bumped or knocked and we want to be there when you need us.

J B Technologies

The Computer Store Optimized for Your Needs!

Need a gaming computer? JBTech builds custom built gaming computers

Let JBTech help you research, configure, and build your perfect gaming system.

We help every step of the way to custom build your gaming PC with maximum speed in mind, customizing every detail so that your games run the way you’ve always dreamed. We’ve built client gaming systems for over 20 years. Get optimal gaming performance with JBTech.

Need a powerful laptop? JBTech can help you spec the perfect one!

Powerful laptop. That means so many things to so many people we could spend hours discussing what you need versus what someone else needs. Don’t fall into the typical laptop trap at the big box stores! How can that laptop sitting on the shelf -- waiting for ANYONE to buy it -- be perfect for you? That is not the ideal path to your next high performance laptop.

Instead, let’s sit down and go over your exact needs. Lightweight vs large screen? Extra battery life vs high performance (that drains all your battery and them some?) Need Nvidia for your application? Quadro? Radeon? Do you need extra space or a 2nd hard drive bay?

We’ve done this all before. We know the difference between a consumer grade laptop that might last a couple years versus a high end workstation laptop that will last twice as long and perform twice as well.

It’s time to get the laptop of your dreams that meets all your specs and puts a smile on your face every single time you use it.

Thinking about mining bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? J&B is an expert at building GPU miners

Bitcoin: it’s in the news hourly now, it’s the new kid on the block, it’s crazy funny money right? It’s so much more than that -- a completely transparent digital immutable distributed financial payment system and ledger.

Blockchain is the future of everything. In 20 years you will either have blockchain applications or you won’t be able to transact business. Want a trusted payment system that can transfer money immediately anywhere? That’s cryptocurrency.

And at JBTech we can build you a perfect GPU mining computer that helps keep you up with the future of money. There are numerous projects out there to follow -- many with their own coin that you can mine and hopefully watch grow from pennies to dollars and beyond.

So get caught up in the hype and watch the crypto market go crazy. It’s a wild ride!

How long does a custom build take?

Depending on how many specialty parts you want or need, a custom built PC usually only takes a few days.

After I get the PC, what do I do?

All of our custom builds come with all the hardware tested, and all the software preloaded and ready to go. We always load the software you need with your PC computer so you can use it right out of the box.

What comes standard in a custom build?

All custom builds can have as much or as little as you need. Our most popular build has a DVD rom, a mid sized SSD hard drive, a 400w or higher power supply, middle of the road AMD or Intel CPU, like an i5, and enough RAM to run all your programs. We don’t hold back on any of the main components you need to run your computer.

How do I get support if I need it?

Most of our clients call us when they have a problem, some email us at [email protected] and some of them submit a request on the website under the service request. Since we answer our phones live you will always get someone right away who can help you with your issue.

What anti-virus do I use? Does one come with the computer?

Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender standard on all builds. We never ship a computer without anti-virus. We also load a few other utilities so that you can run them if you want, or you can download others from the web. You only want one anti-virus program though. Two does not make your computer twice as safe, it slows your computer down twice as much.

What if I need to upgrade? A video card? A sound card? More RAM?

Easy! All of our computers are upgradeable across the whole spectrum of parts needed. You can add a faster CPU, more RAM, a video card, two video cards (if needed), more hard drive space, or a 2nd or 3rd ROM drive. Your PC has enough slots and extra space to upgrade every single part in the computer. Well, except the computer case, I guess that would be custom built computer number 2.

What if I move? How do I get support?

We have remote help desk that you can pay for and we can still be your help desk and guide you when you need help. And if you need PC support for hardware, you can always ship it to us, and we can let you know what’s going on and how we can fix it, or we have clients that drive into town for relatives and they drop the PC off for a checkup and then pick it up on the way out of town, just like PC daycare. And we are open on Saturdays if you can’t make it during the week.

No time to drop by? No problem!

Call us now at (314) 993-5528 and we’ll come to you!

J&B serves the entire St. Louis Metropolitan Area, include the City of St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield, Richmond Heights, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Ballwin, Des Peres, Maplewood, Hazelwood, Oakville, Sunset Hills, and everywhere in between!

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